How to buy a razor

Hi again!

After anentry about vacuum cleaner and cleaning now I want to tell you a story that is much more related to manly things.

My boyfriends of 2 years don’t want to use razors, because when he last did he cut himself. He is only 19 years old, and he still have nothing that anyone could call a beard. Just some spot where he got 30-40 hairs. I tried to convince him several times, even involved his friends and his family, but nothing helped.

All I found is just a piece of information about that he used a razor so old, that maybe could cause the problem and the dislike he shows against anything that could cut his hair. So, as a good girlfriend it is my duty to come up with a solution to this situation. (nevertheless I hate how he is now – after 3 weeks he just looks like a leopard with only black spots)

I decided that I’ll find him a razor that won’t hurt his sensitive skin and which maybe he would use if I ask him very nicely. First I thought that I’ll bring him to a barber, but I couldn’t persuade him to do go.

Now I’m searching on the internet, about razors, and I already found that a lot people states that a good electric razor never cut you. The only task I have left is to find the most suitable.

After asking all of my relatives I realised that noone using this kind of razor, so I have to make my own choice. Of course I won’t do it without professional advices, and as I previously learned the internet is full of useful tips. This is how I found this page: Off With My Hair which provides the best electric razor shaver reviews. Quite long title but it is what it states. From type to type it helps you to choose which is the best electric razor for different kind of needs.

I found a Philips in the high end of middle class, which would be perfect for my boyfriends.

Now there are only two things left:

ask for money to buy it (I never thought these things are this expensive)

convince my boyfriend to use it

Wish me luck!

See you next time!