Tankless water heater and flower in a single package.

After the previous electric smoker I purchased via online I was sure that I’ll never gonna buy again in physical stores (expect food, of course).

I was so pleased with the amount of information I got, and because of the good prices, I don’t want to go back to the regular way.

This hasn’t changed yet and I ordered my water heater only as well.

Last year me and my girlfriend had the idea to build an outbuilding where we could cook and take a nap if we want. (the kitchen in my house is so small that it is uncomfortable even for one people and because we both like to cook…)

So we built a small building next to the main house. There is only a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom in it. The kitchen is bigger than the bedroom.


We already had all the furniture to fill it and the only thing that missed was a tankless water heater. We decided to buy a small one, because a boiler would cost much more and we couldn’t take advantage of its capacity.

So we sat in front of my notebook and started a small research in this topic. We already had a solution after 10 minutes, thanks to a webpage with over hundreds of useful pages about how to buy the best tankless water heater. It wasn’t hard to find it, but I linked it in the previous sentence, if you want, you can check it out.

We bought a small gas powered product which could provide just enough hot water to fulfil our needs. It costed much less than I expected. From the money we could save I ordered a very big bouquet to my girlfriend.

She was surprised when the order came and she got not only the tankless water heater but some flowers as well.